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The Wahhabi Terror

Al-Qaeda and Co. : A Tale of Blood, Fear and Terror


Terrorism left the weekend blood stained in Nairobi and Peshawar. Al-Shabab the partner organization of the dreaded Al- Qaeda left a pool of innocent lives wasted in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, using AK-47 and grenades.

The very next day two human bombs of the Wahabi Taliban left about 90 people dead in the All Saints’ Church of Peshawar.

The only fault of the causalities in Nairobi was that they were not in agreement with the establishment of worldwide caliphate of Al-Shabab, a partner organisation of the Wahabi purveyors, Al-Qaeda. The nexus of the Taliban organisation, which took the responsibility of the blast in Peshawar, is not unseen o the world. In short, the purveyors of Wahabi, Al-Qaeda and its partner organisation are audaciously cropping up around the globe.

Usually, Al-Qaeda is associated only with all the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But the extent of their reach all over the world could be gauged by the fact that they have catapulted their bloody game even to the farfetched Pacific countries.

In 2011, Saif-Ul-Islam(literally meaning the sword of Islam in Arabic), the organisation that receives the support of Al-Qaeda and the funding of Saudi Arabia in Philippines,  created a situation of civil war in the country. All this while, Saif-ul-Islam had created such atmosphere of fear in the small town of Negro Oriental that the life there came a complete standstill. The facts that surfaced were outrageous and shocking. The terrorist cell was not just involved in murders, loot and arson but was involved in a number of rapes as well.  Almost all the natives of Philippines are active as the members of Saif-ul-Islam who are taught Arabic through a few Madarsas present there. But Al-Qaeda has all the say in who will be chosen for certain tasks.

The Somalia based Al-Shabab is not a very old organisation neither does it has too many active members. In just five years it has a headcount of almost fire thousand live killing machines. The organisation carries out its operation under the supervision of the Al-Qaeda chief Aiman-al-Zawahri. However, all the terrorist activities are carried out under the supervision of Mukhtar-al-Zubair.

The trademark attack of this organisation is to attack selected places indiscriminately rather than targeting a particular community. The organisation followed the exact same pattern of terrorist attack in Gulzar market in Nairobi on Saturday. Their motive is to spread terror among the African countries and to create a rift between the Christians and Muslims so as to bring about the rule of the Islamic Caliphs in these countries. However, the situation in Pakistan is a bit different. Here Al-Qaeda and its associated organisations generally target the non-Wahabi Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs. An analysis of the terrorist attacks in Pakistan also requires a study of the Pakistani government and its laws. The government has implemented a law against blasphemy. According to this law, any non- Muslim is sentenced to death if they are involved in any objectionable comments in regard to Allah, Mohammad, Quran, Hadis etc. The Christians have been targeted for a long time under this law.

Thousands of people have been arrested in Punjab province under the charges of blasphemy in the last few years. A person named Joseph was arrested under the same law during the regime of General Musharraf. Although he was sentenced to death, his family members appealed to General Musharraf to re-examine his case. When the case was scrutinized, it was found that Joseph owned a lot of fertile land which the Muslim strongmen in the region, who were also a supporter of Al-Qaeda, wanted to get hold of. Joseph was released. But these fundamentalists have hanged so many Christians, Hindus and Sikhs so as to get a hold of their property.

It is quite clear that Pakistan government along with the terrorist cells is equally responsible for the treatment meted out to the minorities in the country. There is a long list of such incidences in which thousands have been killed. But the murderers have never been brought to justice. The Shia community, which the Al-Qaeda and Wahabis have declared as anti-Islamic, have been at the receiving end for a long time. In the very beginning of the year, these terrorist massacred eighty innocent lives in Quetta.

Yohanabad and Joseph colony in Lahore are two colonies were Christians have a significant presence. These two colonies were attacked in May which resulted in few death and many cases of arson. No action was taken nor justice delivered. The fiasco in Peshawar is a part of this tragic chain of events.

It is no hidden fact that despite the claims of democracy, Pakistan has always been enslaved o the military regime. He non-Muslims were more or less secured despite the attempts on part of Maulana Modudi’s Jamat-e-Islami’s attempts to spread hatred. The Ahmadiaya Muslims were slaughtered in the carnage of 1953 in Lahore. It’s not as if the minorities were no under attack. The Hindus in Umarkot province of Sindh came under attack regularly. The Hindus and Sikhs were attacked in the whole of Punjab including Lahore. Sikhs were also targeted in Waziristan and Punjab. But these incidences of violence were similar to the communal violence in the other countries of South Asia.

But after Zia-ul Haq came to power in 1978 in Pakistan, the scenario completely changed. The manner in which Pakistan was Islamasized and the way in which ISI and the Pakistani military helped in the flourishing of extremist forces, made the minorities live in a state of total fear. Not sharing the rooms with Christian students in the hostel, refusing to eat with them in the dining hall and recently the murder of a Christian boy just because he entered the mosque to drink water are some of events which tell the tale of the pathetic condition of the Christian minorities in the country.

The Pakistani government’s role in the bloodshed carried out by the fascist Al-Qaeda cannot be overlooked. Wouldn’t the release of dreaded terrorist unconditionally from the prison be attributed to their support for such factions? Videos and photos of terrorist killed by the Pakistani army are being propagated on social media. The fact remains that these people who are being murdered are neither Tablibani nor are they members of Al-Qaeda; they are random downtrodden people who are being killed just to give a false message of their iron hand approach towards terrorism. The fact is that organisations like Al-Qaeda are flourishing under the very nose of the police and the army. Arm training camps are openly held in the Waziristtan region.

However, the bloody games of Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Saif-ul-Islam, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba in the region of Pakistan, Central Asia and Africa presents a very desolate picture. The need of the hour is that these governments should not just declare these terrorist factions as illegal but they should rather take up the responsibility of uprooting them. Or else we will sit for the day when the whole world will turn red with the blood of innocent lives they will shed.


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