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The Wahhabi Terror

Terrorism and Communalism: Fodder for Each Other


Our times have been frequenting the incidences of how one form of communalism acts as a compatriot and companion of other forms of communalism. Some such examples are the terrorist attacks in Jammu-Kashmir, the blood baths of Wahabis in Pakistan, Modi being portrayed as a demi-God by many in India and to cement it all are the Al-Qaeda and the sister organisations. There is no doubt in the fact that terrorism will always act as an instigator for communal politics in India

The repercussions of terrorism holding firmer grounds within Pakistan, has been always felt across the border in India. Even if the Christians are attacked, it reaffirms a general perception that all terrorists are Muslims (although such perception is wrong to the core since all the terrorist organisations are related to the Wahabis and no other sect in the Muslims). When such organisations are involved in bloodshed in India, all the Muslims come under the scanner even if equal numbers of Muslims are killed in the attacks. At the same time the Hindu fascist forces get a chance to strengthen their agenda.

Let’s consider the example of the 2002 Gujarat carnage. What was the backdrop of the whole incidence? On October 1, 2001, terrorist from Jaesh-e-Mohammad faction attacked the Jammu & Kashmir assembly killing 38 Indians and resulting in the encounter of 4 terrorists. There is a wave of rage in the whole country. Terrorism is equated with Islam. It was as if a prologue for a forthcoming disaster. Soon after the attack on the WTO, there was a sudden upsurge of the “clash of two civilisations”, and then there was the famous speech declaring “either you are with us or against us.” What exactly was the message and who were being addressed?

On October 7, 2001, operation “Enduring freedom” was initiated resulting in widespread bloodshed in Afghanistan. Standing against each other were the American soldiers and America’s created Frankenstein, Taliban. The then Vice PM Mr. Advani grabbed the opportunity to declare that our country has been a victim of terrorism for a long time. The Indian government went to the extent of offering America to launch an attack from the Indian soil. In the midst of all these development, Jaesh-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Tayyaba attacked the Indian parliament on 13 December, 2001. The Indian and Pakistani forces were positioned at the LOC leading to a war like situation. As has always been the case, charged atmosphere at the borders lead to communal tensions within the nation. On top of that this was the time when the idea of “clash of civilisations” was gaining strength.

These factions of terrorists who were Muslims have given opportune moment to people equating of terrorism and Islam to propagate their idea. They couldn’t have gotten a better opportunity. The spark to burn down the whole haystack was provided in Godhra on 27 March, 2002. The preparation was foolproof and pre determined. Gujarat was engulfed in massive riots. The investigation still lingers on.

Had the riots not taken place, Narendra Modi would not have evolved as the epic “NaMo” let alone the dream of being a PM. It was not a mere co-incidence. The elections of Gujarat were scheduled for 2002. The Akshardham temple was attacked by the terrorist just prior to the elections on 24 September, 2002. It’s a weird co-incidence that the terrorists chose a time just before the elections. Communal feelings were already riding high in Gujarat after the carnage and on the top of it the attack on the temple as if sealed the poll results. BJP emerged victorious with thumping majority.
These terrorist factions are well aware of the fact that every time they conduct an attack on India, it would strengthen the Hindu radical forces. Not just that, but the common Muslim population in India would suffer the brunt of such actions. They are well aware that such attacks would lead to many innocent Muslims being tagged as terrorists and they would be put behind bars. It’s then a surprising fact why these terrorists are working to strengthen the terrorist Hinduvadi forces and to turn the Muslims into convicts! These infact was a ploy rather than an unaware act. Why would an organisation which doesn’t consider anyone other the Wahabis, Tabligis and Jamatis as Muslims, even care for their well-being?

This terrorist faction has openly declared that according to Wahabi-Salfi “Shias, Sunnis, Jews and the aforementioned are all non-Islamic and their enemies”. Where was it published? The answer lies in the local office of ‘The Al-Sunnah Foundation of America’, Michigan. The people to start the Jihad are legally operating an office in America! They are funded openly by Saudi! Then why is it a matter of surprise that the people who were ought to be present in the WTO on the day of attack were present at the air force base of Nebraska and five stories of the skyscraper were vacated on tenth September itself? Not just that, the Al-Sunnah is openly operating today from America, England (Saint Ense Road, London), Germany (Oberhausen) and have been controlling their activities in America and Europe. And they have declared openly “Shias, Sunnis, Christians and Jews are all non-Islamic and their enemies”. Aren’t the America, England and Germany aware of their intentions? It is also important to mention here that in all these locations the employees of ‘Al-Sunnah’ are of Saudi origin. It is not even necessary to mention that this foundation has a direct link to organisation like Al-Qaeda, Jaesh-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba or that Aiman Al-Jawahari controls all their operations from Saudi Arabia.

Now let’s get a clear idea of the intentions of these terrorists and the the Hindu fascist forces of India. How do they end up being collaborators! The example of Maudoodi clears a lot beforehand. The love of Guru Golvarkar for Hitler is not under sheets. Hitler was an ideal for him. ‘We or our nation redifined’ written by Golvarkar replicates the ideology of Hitler that speaks of ‘one race, one language, one nation, similar literature and similar books’.  The Wahabi ideology runs on a similar line. The work of one validates and enforces the work of other. And this is not a new story. The mutual understanding in the political motives during the period of riots is a perfect example of such theory.

Neither the Hindus nor the Muslims of Noakhali were in favour of partion before the riots of October-November, 1946. But the movement initiated by the Muslim League was aimed at partition and Hindu Mahasabha seemed to have no other motive. “All the threads of riots were linked ultimately to the instutionalised politics of the Pakistan movement. The riots affirmed every Hindu and Muslims belief that partition was the only way ahead”; (Suranjan Das: Communal riots in Bengal, 1905-47, Delhi, Oxford university Press, 1991). Suranjan Das has mentioned in this very book that Muslim League had the unsaid support of Hindu Mahasabha. The report presented by Acharya Kriplani also talked about this coalition.

Generally, two forces which are considered to be staunch enemies thrive on the existence of each other. The Wahabi terrorists are very well aware of the fact that it’s practically impossible to implement their so called Islamic laws in a country where Muslims are not in majority or are present in very small numbers. He Hindu fascist forces are also well aware of this fact. All the countries in the Americas and Europe are also not unaware of this fact. Therefore, the target of such terrorist factions demanding Sharia laws are mainly Arab nations, Muslim majority African countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

They gain more support in these nations when their terrorist activities continue in countries like India and the majority population forms the belief that they are under the attack of ‘Islamic terrorism’. Such action on their part helps to validate the agendas of the Hindu fascist forces and gaining support. His is the reason why these Hindu fascist forces get down to such terrorist activities when these Wahabi forces seize to act in the country for some time. There are many examples similar to Malegaon and Mecca masjid where these radical Hindu groups have carried out attacks. Its although very interesting that the Wahabi forces have never denied their hand behind such incidences.

It’s already time that we get a clear understanding of the coalition of communalism and terrorism and defeat them to their end.


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