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The Wahhabi Terror

The Manuscripts of Extremism


Wahabi Islam is the political ideology of Saudi Arabia. The curriculums of the schools are filled with its promotions. Almost five million students study in the twenty five thousand public schools present in Saudi Arabia. ‘Science of Tauheed’, a science book of standard tenth of Farookh Masjid, Texas (America) clearly states that satying in the company of non-Muslims or non-Wahabi Muslims is anti-Islamic. Therefore, it’s the word of Allah that we should be only in the company of Muslims (Wahabi Muslims). This is merely the trailer. If we look at the curriculum passed by the education ministry the scenario would be clearer.

“The Muslims who participate in inter religious debate should also be considered non- Islamic. The Sufi and the Siyas should also be categorised as same. The Muslims who convert to any other religious should be slaughtered. It is completely lawful for a Muslim to kill such a person and usurp their property.”

“The Sunnis who do not believe in the Wahabi ideology should be denounced, should be looked upon with contempt and should be treated as the off springs of polytheists. The Muslims should be forced to hate the non believers like the Christians, Jews, polytheists and non- Wahabi Muslims. Neither should he befriend a non-Muslims or non believer of Wahabi ideology nor should they show any respect towards them”

“Promoting Islam through jihad is “religious” duty. It is the duty of a true Muslim to be prepared for jihad in the name of Allah. It is the duty of all the citizens as well as the government. Military training is an important part of faith and therefore should be implemented. It’s necessary to have ammunitions for war. It’s better to establish factories for military vehicles, tanks, rocket, fighter jets and all other things required for modern warfare.”

Just imagine a scenario where the kids in the primary level are taught that “All religions other than Islam (Wahabi) teach the wrong path” and thereafter are given to fill in the blanks in statements like ‘Every religion other than ............... are on the wrong path’ or ‘The Muslims will go to ........ after death’. It’s clear that these kids are foremost taught about what comprises being anti-Islamic. These obviously include everything from non-Wahabi Shiya, Sunni and various other religious.

A magazine named Ain-al-Yakeen brought out an online report in March, 2002 giving a vivid description of how the royal family of Saudi Arabia has propagated Islam around the world through education programmes. It stated that King Fahad is spending billions of Saudi Riyal on Islamic organisations and the education of its ideologies. Apart from Saudi Arabia, 210 Islamic centres, 500 mosques, 202 colleges have been established in western countries and 2000 schools have been opened in Asia, Australia and North America with the same curriculum which is being taught in the Saudi Arbia’s public school. The jihadi lessons; the lessons of hatred and terrorism.

Ain-al-Yakeen has mentioned eighty countries including South Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Wahabism is a political ideology in Saudi Arabia and the nation is a Wahabi nation. But to propagate the ideology of hatred across the world, 85% seats of the Islamic University located in Medina have been reserved for foreign students where fifty thousand students from 140 countries are registered.

The education minister of Saudi Arabia Faizal bin Abdullah bin Mohammad al Saud talked about reforms in the curriculum after the hateful nature of the education was revealed in 2005 but no action has been taken so far. Infact in the same year, i.e., in 2005, a teacher was sentenced and was flogged 750 times publically for calling the Jews, Shiya Muslims and non-Wahabi Sunnis as human beings. Later the sentence was pardoned under the pressure of the international community.

What kind of education is being imparted? What is the motive of such education? What are the so called educated of this country being transformed into?

According to Iranian Professor Murtaza Muttari these Wahabis neither have a clear understanding of Islam nor understand Quran. Therefore, their whole education system propagates bloodshed. The Wahabis believe that Allah has two aspects. The first is his imagination the entry to which is restricted to all. The worship of Allah and “Tawassul” (the modes to unify with Him, as the Sunni Khalifa and Shiya Imamat) are completely two separate things. Wahabism completely detours from the remaining forms of Islam at the point of “Tawassul”.

It is against Quarn that one upholds the greatness of Allah while denies that of the humankind. Allah asked even the angels to bow down to Adam, and the Wahabis reject their supremacy.Such act degrades the human kind from the best creation of Allah to merely an animal. The people who reject the supremacy of mankind should not be expected to value their lives.

Rejecting the beliefs of other Islamic community is another form of spreading hatred. According to these very ideologies visiting of shrines and tombs is anti Islamic. The curriculum of Saudi Arabia’s schools teaches this to the kids from the very beginning. Thus it declares anti non- Wahbi belief as anti Islamic. By propagating such beliefs, the Wahabis themselves reject the teachings of the Quran.

Surah Al-Kahaf clearly states “Erect structures to remind that the sayings of Allah are true” (Quran 18:21). On doomsday dead would walk out of these very tombs. But, blotch in the name of humanity, these Wahabis have been killing people who visit shrines and destroying the tombs. Shiyas go to various countries including Iraq, Saudi Arab, Iran to pay visit to their Imams (Ziyarat). Saudi Arabia has now imposed a ban on it. 

For the past few years the Wahabis have launched a series of attacks on the places of belief of the Sufi saints, Shiyas, Ahmediya Muslims and non- Wahabi Sunnis. Their attck was not limited to these symbols rather they also demolished the posterior of Kaba located in Mecca. They started the construction of giant hotels and shopping malls in its place. The shopping mall of Paris Hilton was one of the main attractions here. Apart from Kaba, they also started demolishing the graves of kith and kin of Mohammed located in Medina. The graves of Mohammed’s daughter Fatima, Abu Bakr and Umar were the main target.

The attacks on the Sufi shrines have crossed all the limits. A place having 333 Sufi shrines was razed to the ground by the Wahabis. Even the Siddi Yahiha mosque which was declared a world heritage by the UNESCO in 1998 was not spared by the Wahabis. Fifty Sufi shrines were blown away by these Wahabis in Libya. Probably there isn’t a single shrine of the Sufi saints in Somalia which has not come under attack of Al-Shabab. The shrines of many saints including that of Baba Farid, Baba Bulleshah and Hazrat Daataganj were repeatedly attacked by the Wahabi Taliban in Pakistan.

These attacks have been supported by Saudi Arabia and have been conducted by Al-Qaeda and its sister organisations. Wahabism has completely moulded in the fascist ideologies and is set to erode the feeling of mutual love and harmony. Let’s have a glimpse of what the Sufis have been teaching in contrast to what the Wahabis have been upto .

There is a famous story about Nizamuddin Auliya. The story goes that Alauddin Khilji wanted him to go to Kashmir for the propagation of Islam. Nizamuddin said that he is a messenger of love and it won’t be possible for him to go to Kashmir to propagate Islam. Thereafter Alauddin summoned Nizamuddin to his court through Amir Khusrau. Nizamuddin sent a message stating that any Sufi who increases his proximity to power loses his own ground. Alauddin then expressed his own willingness to visit him. To this Nizamuddin replied that nobody is barred from visiting his khanqah but his khanqah has two doors. The moment the emperor will set foot inside the khanqah from one door, he will leave through the other door.

Who isn’t aware of the name Baba Bulleh Shah, one of the greatest messengers of love! Let’s know the meaning of love in his words “I would begin Holi with the name of Allah/ covered with the light of the prophet/ every drop of colour is like the drop from heaven/ the one who annihilates is Allah is coloured from tip to toe/ I will begin Holi with the name of Allah/I am not your God/ Yea, indeed, we do bear witness thereto! And then he said that there is no God but Allah/ I will play Holi in the name of Allah

Heer of Waris Shah, till date, resound the message of love. The inventor of Sitar, Amir Khusrau states “I am a Kaafir of love; I don’t need to be a Muslim anymore. Every vein in my body has turned into the sitar’s string; I don’t need to wear the janeu (sacred thread in Hinduism) anymore”

The Wahabi ideology has not just shed the blood of innocents in the last two decades but have also have proved be the slaughterer of love. Sufi saints of the likes of Nizamuddin Auliya, Moinuddin Chisti, Amir Khusrau, Waris Shah, Bulleh Shah and Baba Fareed have broken the chains of religious extremism to spread the message of love across this sub-continent. The Wahabis have been destroying their message of love along with their shrines. And Saudi Arabia has been pouring in unbridled wealth to help them achieve this.

The western nations along with Africa, Arab nations and West Asia are an example of the sort of havoc the carriers of the ideologies taught in the schools of Saudi Arabia can raise. ........................................


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